Is it possible to buy car insurance online?

Yes, it's easy to get car insurance online. It can take an hour or less if you're ready with basic information about yourself, your driving history and your vehicle. An online car insurance policy can go into effect as soon as you make your first payment. The cheapest place to buy car insurance online is Geico or Progressive.

Both insurers allow customers to purchase car insurance online without having to go through an agent. Some insurance companies allow you to purchase car insurance online. This is known as “direct insurance”, since it is sold directly to the consumer. Other insurers only allow the sale of policies through insurance agents.

You can buy car insurance online just as easily as you can buy anything else. Like other forms of e-commerce, buying auto insurance allows you to quickly compare offers and prices from multiple providers, and makes it easy to specify the features you want and filter the ones you don't need. Companies such as Esurance, GEICO, Metromile, Progressive and State Farm are among those offering a fully online purchasing process. Buying car insurance online can be easy and even fun, as long as you know what you're looking for and understand the relationship between estimates and final price quotes.

During the online buying process, you will be asked questions that will inform insurers if you qualify for car insurance discounts, which will help you get the cheapest car insurance for your particular situation. Consider completing an online defensive driving course, insuring multiple vehicles (or your home) through the same insurance company, or looking for a plan with a higher deductible. Property damage liability insurance pays for damage to another vehicle or other property caused by your car. These quotes come from public sources of the insurer's statements and should therefore be used for comparative purposes only.

To calculate the rates for a minimum coverage policy, ValuePenguin collected quotes from the largest insurance companies in all 50 states. The best way to find out for sure is to compare the rates of several companies, including insurers and online agents. Auto insurance is regulated state by state, and your state's insurance department usually has a bunch of information relevant to your search in the consumer information section of its website. Before you start charging insurance options, learn how buying car insurance online works, from quick quotes to insurance cards.

Many companies advertise same-day car insurance, many don't use that term, but they still sell you same-day car insurance. You should also make sure that your insurance company is financially stable before you buy your policy. While online car insurance is becoming more common, there are certain situations where you need an agent to complete your car insurance purchase. Buying insurance online is cheap and convenient, as you can save time and money by comparing quotes from several insurers at home.

In addition to requesting information about you and other drivers in your home, systems usually ask you for details about your vehicle, your driving history, and the insurance coverage you need. While it's not a guarantee, your current insurer's agents could help you identify discounts that would lower your premium.

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